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Press Release: "Fiver Finds Home" Debuts on Amazon

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

On March 6, 2021, Fiver Finds Home, a new children's book about the world's first blue dwarf giraffe released on The hardcover version will release on May 15, 2021.

Fiver Finds Home, the first installment of a new children's book series, is highly anticipated to make families and children ages 4-8 from all over the world, fall in love with the dreamy character, Fiver.

An Inspirational Children's Book About Finding Purpose

Meet the world’s first blue giraffe! With five purple spots and half the normal size, Fiver struggles to belong. His journey leads him across the vast savanna plains of Africa to the quaint city of Savannah, Georgia. Along the way, Fiver encounters many exciting adventures, signs and wonders - finding inspiration in the most unusual places. Join Fiver as he realizes his purpose for being born different, and gets a second chance at finding home.

Meet the Creators of Fiver Finds Home

Author, producer and singer/songwriter, Jill Bugbee, enjoys being creative! Together with her husband, Eric, they authored the story of Fiver Finds Home, originally written as a feature film treatment. Having partnered on many creative endeavors over the years, they are passionate to bring uplifting content to audiences through the craft of storytelling. With their two children, Collin and Kayla, the family’s love for exploration has lead to memorable adventures.

Jill’s colorful character, Fiver, was inspired by a dream where she met him as she stepped into a quaint café. She marveled at a blue-colored, purple-spotted, 7-foot tall giraffe gliding gracefully across the restaurant — grabbing menus, plates and setting tables for customers with his long neck, smooth agility, and incredible balance. As this magnificent creature approached her, Jill immediately fell in love with his big, kind eyes. He asked her the question, “5:15?” which was probably her reservation time, or perhaps something else to be revealed and discovered in the future. When Jill awoke, she excitedly shared the dream with her family. They strongly believed this was a divine appointment, as God often speaks through dreams. Through Fiver’s story, Jill and Eric hope that children and adults around the world will also be inspired by heavenly dreams, signs, and wonders that will lead them to many meaningful adventures of their own.

Our company began with a dream, literally...

Eric and Jill's new company, 515 Publishing Inc, is fueled with passion for bringing uplifting, redemptive and inspirational stories - both in fiction and nonfiction books. The subject matters they love to explore consist of Biblical truths and anecdotes.

From Jill's dream of a blue giraffe character, to their first book release, Fiver Finds Home, they anticipate a steadfast and fulfilling journey with Fiver, as a children's book series. They also plan to release non-fiction literature in the near future, beginning with 7 Days To Victory, written by co-founder, author and director, Eric Bugbee.

Get Inspired

January 6, 2021 article by The New York Times

Dwarf Giraffes Discovery Surprises Scientists

As if Fiver's arrival in the world through a dream isn't fascinating enough, Jill and Eric were just as pleasantly surprised to read (on the very same day Fiver's illustrator Jennifer Davison delivered the final project) a recent article published by The New York Times - that scientists have discovered dwarf giraffes! Pictured above the article states, "A dwarf giraffe, right, with an adult male in Namibia. Dwarfism, or skeletal dysplasia, is rare among wild animals and this is the first time it has been observed among giraffes."

This is the first time it has been observed among giraffes.

Whether by coincidence or divine appointment, history has been made in science! Scientists still don't know what causes dwarfism in giraffes, and actually know very little about these towering mammals compared to other iconic animals. In the wild, half of giraffes die before they reach adulthood and the giraffe population in the world have been reduced down by 40% over the last 30 years, through habitat loss and poaching.

Perhaps now is the time to rediscover the majesty of giraffes, and explore the wonder of their existence before they're extinct. Fiver's introduction to the world as a blue, dwarf giraffe will be sure to inspire children and families everywhere. Wouldn't it be crazy if someday nature unveiled a blue giraffe? That would definitely be a stunning spectacle!

Where To Take Home Fiver

After Fiver Finds Home hits Amazon, the book's publisher, Square Tree Publishing, plans to release the children's book to Barnes & Noble, as well as other bookstores throughout the U.S. This summer, the Bugbee family plan to do a cross-country trip starting from Savannah, GA, traveling to all major cities for promotion and book-signing opportunities.

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